The AK Team's passion for Texas Hold'em is what drives us to enhance the game. Profit isn't our focus with AK Poker; we're here to redefine Texas Hold'em!

We're committed to revolutionizing the Texas Hold'em experience and creating a global community of enthusiasts who contribute to platform governance. All platform profits will go directly to stakers.

Our native token, AK Token, has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, issued once on Ethereum and then bridge 20% of the tokens to Arbitrum One (Ethereum: 800,000,000, Arbitrum One: 200,000,000). After issuance, 700,000,000 tokens will be locked by the contract, leaving an initial circulation of 300,000,000 tokens. Of these, 20% (60,000,000 tokens) will be raised seed round, 13.3% (40,000,000 tokens) will be available for public sale. 13.3% (40,000,000 tokens) will incentivize the team. 33.3% (100,000,000 tokens) will fund R&D, operations, marketing, partnerships, tournaments, and more. Lastly, 20% (60,000,000 tokens) will be governed by AK DAO for community governance. Join us in shaping the future of the game!

Check AK Token's Contract Addresses and add to your wallet:

AK - Ethereum: 0x68a5B2D6015c9df176C62a71199Df311550895aB

AK - Arbitrum: 0x5961cbc865728cb86cb9efa293e897a81fa94b64

1. Seed Round (20%: 60,000,000 tokens)

2. Public Sale (13.3%: 40,000,000 tokens)

The AK Token Swap function will be live on the official website, offering 20,000,000 tokens for Public Sale on both Ethereum and Arbitrum One. The initial price will be revealed later on the official website. To promote diverse ownership, strict limits are placed on the number of tokens each address can swap for. Users must link their email addresses to the website, a mandatory step for potential shareholders. The AK team actively monitors on-chain activities to prevent token concentration. Subscribed AK Tokens can be staked on the official website, enabling users to participate in the platform's weekly profit-sharing program.

3. Team DAO (13.3%: 40,000,000 tokens)

The team has established a Team DAO, determining how the initial 40,000,000 AK Tokens will incentivize the team, including founder incentives and subsequent team incentives. We have established a strict system of rewards and penalties, along with AK Token release rules, to prevent the undesirable scenario of getting rich overnight for the team, ensuring that the team remains motivated to continuously build.

4. AK DAO (20%: 60,000,000 tokens)

The initial 60,000,000 AK Tokens will be utilized for community upkeep and management when we establish an AK DAO in the future.

5. Project Development (33.3%: 100,000,000 tokens)

We put the project's long-term viability first and reject the speculative attitude surrounding tokens. The development of the project will be funded by the initial 100,000,000 AK Tokens. This reserve is essential to AK Poker's steady growth. The following areas will see a significant impact from these tokens:

  • Airdrop

  • Marketing

  • Dex trading pools

  • Market making (Liquidity)

  • KOL, Celebrity Cooperation

  • Web3 Partnerships

  • Globalization

  • Charity

  • Tournaments

The 700,000,000 tokens locked by the contract will be unlocked in 48 months, with 500,000,000 tokens allocated for project building, 110,000,000 tokens for Team DAO, and 90,000,000 tokens for AK DAO. Every AK token will maximize its value. Let's redefine Texas Hold'em together!

Check Contract Addresses:

  1. Project Development - Ethereum: 0x0d4C4019CC631284750448272D531e0C9F7533da

AK Token Swap

Users can directly swap AK Tokens using USDT on the official website. Currently, swaps are supported on Ethereum and Arbitrum One, using USDC and BTC as currencies, with ETH support coming soon. Additionally, AK/USDT trading pools will be established on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, enabling users to freely exchange

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