Secure Gaming Environment

Earning user trust is the cornerstone of running a successful online Texas Hold'em platform. At AK Poker, our paramount focus is on ensuring fairness and security, addressing it as the top priority through the following measures:

  1. Verifiable Random Shuffling: Ensuring fairness and security lies at the heart of AK Poker's mission. A critical element of this commitment is achieving verifiable random shuffling. We firmly believe in implementing true randomness that is also independently verifiable.

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  1. Not Gambling Against Players: Our platform stands apart from those that use bots to gamble against users for profit. Unlike those practices, AK Poker positions itself as an impartial referee rather than an active participant in the games.

  2. Our Commitment to Anti-Cheating Measures: AK Poker takes a strong stance against player cheating, employing a range of measures. Alongside standard practices such as GPS and IP tracking, card viewing delays, and random seating, the platform goes the extra mile in continuously optimizing these foundational anti-cheating efforts. The commitment extends to real-time audio and video features, providing an added layer of security against cheating tactics like collusion.

  3. Protection Against Cheating Software

In summary, AK Poker is dedicated to delivering a secure and equitable gaming environment for Texas Hold'em players worldwide.

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