Account System

At the core of our poker platform lies the account system, which leverages Web3 and blockchain technology to create a secure and private environment for users. Our top priority is safeguarding user privacy. We aim to provide an open and liberating experience for every user to fully immerse themselves in the poker experience.

  1. Account System

The platform employs decentralized identity verification, allowing users to log in by connecting their wallets. We directly use the wallet address as the unique identifier:

The platform currently supports two chains—Ethereum and Arbitrum One. As we expand poker competitions to additional public chains, the user's address will remain the singular, unique identifier. We acknowledge that identical addresses stem from the same private key across EVM-compatible chains. This poses no challenge, whether logging in through Ethereum, Arbitrum One, or any other chain, as long as the address remains consistent, the platform recognizes it as the same user.

  1. Account Permissions

Critical platform features, including AK Token staking, dividend receipt, incentives, dashboard access, and game session sharing, are all seamlessly tied to the user's on-chain address—serving as the sole identifier (AK platform ID).

Public Sale, on-chain staking, dividends, platform incentives, and on-chain verification, all processes are operated exclusively on the blockchain. Our departure from traditional registration methods like email and phone numbers is rooted in prioritizing user privacy.

While connecting a wallet for login might seem daunting to non-Web3 users, we're committed to simplifying the process. By offering wallet creation assistance and clear guidance, we strive to lower the threshold, ensuring accessibility for every user. In essence, our goal is to make users easily start the game without trusting.

  1. Account Associations

The platform will also support binding email and phone numbers and even enable KYC certification.

In certain special scenarios, players may have a desire for self-exposure. For instance, some celebrity poker players may wish to connect with their fans. In such cases, influential public figures must undergo platform verification of their real identity and receive a Blue Mark or Gold Mark.

However, all these actions are voluntary for users. This includes linking social media accounts for game sharing, such as Twitter, IG, etc., which are all voluntary.

It's essential to emphasize that users participating in Public Sale and those making quick AK Token purchases on the official website must bind their email addresses.

  1. Email and Phone Number Binding

Depending on operational circumstances, we may also consider allowing users to log in through verified email/phone without connecting wallets every time, enhancing flexibility based on user preferences.

In summary, for users who prioritize privacy protection, we offer a secure gaming environment. Any user can safely participate in poker competitions without revealing personal identity information.

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