Roadmap and Milestone

AK Poker, seamlessly integrated with Web3 and blockchain technology, aims to deliver a secure, fair, and immersive online poker experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

At AK Poker, prioritizing fund security is fundamental. Utilizing blockchain technology eliminates the need for users to deposit funds into a centralized account. On-chain contracts, featuring open-source code, securely manage and settle user funds, ensuring their safety. Upholding fairness is achieved through verifiable random shuffling, on-chain card hashing, and secure data transmission utilizing asymmetric encryption. Anti-manipulation measures, including GPS, IP tracking, and real-time audio/video, thwart collusion and cheating, fostering a fair gaming environment. Our long-term optimization goals focus on stability, encompassing network reliability, gaming interaction, sound effects, and overall user experience. Whether engaging in Private Games, Public Games, or Tournaments, AK Poker aspires to be the preferred choice for enthusiasts.

We envision all poker enthusiasts becoming platform shareholders and actively participating in governance. This vision becomes a reality through AK Token issuance and swap on our official website. By staking AK Tokens, individuals attain shareholder status, enabling them to partake in dividends and contribute to future governance decisions.

Our philosophy is simple: what users can verify is trustworthy. Platform statistics, including game and profit data, are regularly published on the official website every four weeks or longer. Shuffling data is hashed on-chain, and dividend data is accessible on the blockchain.

Explore our Roadmap and milestones below, highlighting our systematic efforts to optimize the game and achieve goals. While the development and plans may evolve, our team remains dedicated to refining the game, ensuring a distinctive online poker platform tailored for Texas Hold'em enthusiasts.


Phase 1: Infrastructure Development (11/2023-12/2024)

  1. Team Formation

    • Assemble a team with a profound understanding of both blockchain technology and Texas Hold'em poker.

  2. AK Token Issuance

    • Release a total of 1,000,000,000 AK Tokens on Ethereum and Arbitrum One.

  3. Swap on Official Website

    • The AK Token Swap function will be live on the official website, offering 40,000,000 tokens for Public Sale on both Ethereum and Arbitrum One. The initial price will be revealed later on the official website.

  4. Staking Commencement

    • Launch staking options for users.

  5. App Infrastructure Building

    • Establish a Web3-based account system for enhanced privacy and security.

    • Implement a verifiable random shuffling solution.

    • Develop on-chain deposit and settlement solutions.

  6. Gaming Experience Enhancement

    • Provide a stable, smooth gaming experience to ensure user satisfaction.

Phase 2: Game Launch and Ongoing Enhancement (12/2023-04/2024)

  1. Launch Private Game Mode

    • Introduce Score-based and USDT buy-ins for Private Game Mode.

  2. Verifiable Random Shuffling System

    • Develop and rigorously test a verifiable random shuffling system to ensure a fair gaming experience.

  3. On-Chain Transactions & Settlements

    • Enable on-chain buy-ins with USDT, secured by smart contracts. Implement settlements after each game without requiring centralized account deposits.

  4. Audit and Open-Source Contract Code

    • Subject the contract code to a thorough audit by a third-party security institution. Open-source the contract code to enhance transparency and security.

  5. Dividends and Open Data

    • Initiate the distribution of weekly dividends in USDT and AK Tokens for shareholders. Open platform data, including game and profit statistics, to the public.

  6. Optimize Content

    • Enhance content by introducing features such as game sharing, AK Poker tutorials, poker news, and poker indices.

Phase 3: Ongoing Game Enhancement (04/2024 - 09/2024)

  1. Launch Lobby Mode

    • Offer a diverse gaming experience tailored for Texas Hold'em players.

  2. Real-Time Audio and Video

    • Provide high-quality, low-latency gaming interaction experience.

    • Implement optimizations to prevent collusion, cheating, and account sharing.

  3. Launch Tournament

    • Introduce online tournaments, featuring MTT (Multi-Table Tournaments) and SNG (Sit & Go) modes.

    • Host large-scale online events on the AK official website to meet the competitive needs of players.

  4. Continuous Game Experience Optimization

    • Implement ongoing improvements based on user feedback to enhance the overall gaming experience.

  5. Continuous Promotion and Marketing

    • Utilize Web3 channels for promotion, leveraging blockchain technology for outreach.

    • Integrate closely with social media platforms for advertising and promotion.

    • Establish partnerships for mutual growth and increased visibility.

Phase 4: Cross-Industry Collaboration and Offline Events (From 10/2024)

  1. Sign Celebrity Poker Players

    • Elevate the AK brand and reputation through partnerships with renowned poker players.

  2. Host Large-Scale Offline Events

    • Organize offline events under the AK brand, fostering a physical presence for the platform.

  3. Web3 Cross-Industry Collaboration

    • Collaborate with leading NFT projects, and host both online and offline competitions.

    • Seek partnerships with other blockchain projects to broaden the platform's influence.

  4. Organize Charity Events

    • Fundraise for children in conflict areas and contribute to needy areas through organized charity events.

Future Plans: Ecosystem Development and Global Expansion

  1. Extend Global Presence

    • Extend our presence to global markets, offering localized optimal experiences for Texas Hold'em enthusiasts worldwide.

  2. Global Tournaments

    • Host extensive online and offline tournaments on a global scale, attracting diverse players.

  3. Collaborate with Elite Poker Players

    • Partner with elite poker players to enhance the AK brand globally.

  4. Global Poker Index

    • Launch a Global Poker Index to spotlight top players and recognize their achievements.

  5. Provide Valuable Insights

    • Offer global audiences valuable insights through consultation columns and poker tutorials, enriching the poker community.

Milestone Timeline

  • Establishment of AK Team: 15 November 2023

  • Developing Web3 Strategy: 10 December 2023

  • AK Poker Beta: 8 February 2024

  • Issuance of AK Token: 6 April 2024

  • Launching official website 20 April 2024

  • Official launch of AK Poker: 30 April 2024

  • Profit-sharing initiation: June 2024

  • Introducing lobby mode: June 2024

  • Open Data Dashboard on Q2 - Q3 2024

  • Launching tournaments: Q3 2024

  • AK School: Q4 2024

  • Signing Celebrity Poker Players: 2025

  • Hosting offline tournaments: 2025 - 2026

  • AK Poker leaderboard and news

  • Web3 cross-industry collaboration

  • ......

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