Real-time Audio and Video

Real-time audio and video features have the potential to significantly enhance the online Texas Hold'em experience by fostering better communication and preventing cheating. AK Poker's real-time audio and video functionality offers several benefits:

  1. Friendly Communication: Real-time audio and video allow friends to chat while playing cards, customizable by private game administrators based on the situation. This feature promotes social interaction and makes the game more enjoyable for players.

  2. Preventing Cheating: During crucial tournament stages, the platform may mandate participants to activate videos to prevent cheating. Additionally, enabling real-time audio and video will deter proxy play and collusion. In specific competitive scenarios, administrators can mandate the activation of real-time audio and video for participating players, ensuring a fair and secure gaming environment on AK Poker.

  3. Collaboration with Celebrities: AK Poker plans to collaborate with celebrity players, introducing live streaming on the platform and requiring real-time audio and video usage. This feature will attract more players and increase the platform's popularity.

  4. Leveraging third-party services: AK Poker aims to provide the best possible real-time gaming environment for Texas Hold'em enthusiasts worldwide.

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