Special Modes

AK Poker is set to deliver a gaming experience like no other by introducing popular special gameplay options based on market demand:

  • Blitz Mode

  • Mushroom

  • Squid Game

In the future, be on the lookout for more innovative gameplay options, all flexibly configurable. For those seeking a more professional touch, these features can be disabled in private games. Get ready to explore the next level of poker thrills!

  1. Blitz Mode:

In Blitz Mode, we turn up the heat, injecting an extra dose of excitement into private games. Crafted to challenge conservative playstyles, private game administrators have the power to customize settings according to the situation. AK Poker keeps it simple with basic configuration options:

  • Trigger Conditions: Choose between time-triggered, round-triggered, or triggered after an All-in.

  • Buy-in BB for Blitz Mode

  1. Mushroom Mode:

Embrace the craze with Mushroom Mode, a recent crowd-pleaser designed to elevate participation and volatility. Private game administrators hold the reins to flexibly configure settings based on specific circumstances, including:

  • Position of Buy-in per Hand

  • Buy-in of BB per Hand

  • Pool Position

  • Mushroom Pool Cap Setting

  1. Squid Game:

Squid Game Mode is an innovative feature inspired by the movie "Squid Game." It introduces substantial risks, leading to significant changes in the standing of the sole loser in subsequent games. Private game administrators can tailor settings to fit the actual situation of players:

  • Normal Mode

  • Infinite Mode

  • Golden Squid Mode

  • Reward for Each Squid Unit

  • Head Squid/Tail Squid Rewards

In Infinite Mode, the last player failing to obtain a squid must pay the value of each squid to all other players. This could lead to undesirable competitive effects. However, the Squid Game is not enabled by default. If players choose to activate it manually, the default setting will be in Normal Mode. We aim to maintain Texas Hold'em as a competitive sport without excessive gambling elements. The decision to disable higher-risk settings like Infinite Mode and Golden Squid will be based on actual operational circumstances.

In summary, private game administrators should make personalized settings aligned with the specific circumstances and preferences of their players.

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