The previous sections have emphasized the AK Team's mission for all poker enthusiasts to become platform shareholders and engage in governance. By staking AK Tokens and becoming a platform shareholder, individuals will be eligible for weekly dividends.

The AK Team is committed to distributing all platform profits to qualified shareholders, following the principle that user-verifiable information is reliable.

After thorough deliberation, we've chosen to openly disclose essential platform data on the official website at intervals of 4 weeks or longer, utilizing a Dashboard. This data will encompass game statistics and profit figures.

All shareholders are eligible to access Dashboard data, which is publicly available and includes 2 major dimensions:

  • Game Data: Records from Lobby Mode, Private Games, and Tournaments. Compiled daily, allowing users to explore various tables and games in detail. Users can drill down to view specific hand details and inspect records for each hand. Shareholders can gain insights into the platform's overall revenue by examining each hand record, including details such as pot size and platform earnings.

Each hand is assigned a unique ID, accompanied by comprehensive game data. Following the conclusion of each hand, we hash the entire game result data onto the blockchain. Beneath the data for each hand, we present the game data and offer a hash generation tool to help users check and verify on the blockchain.

  • Dividend Data: Compiled from two perspectives: Platform Dividends and User Dividends. Platform dividends are primarily calculated for each period (one natural week). User dividends are computed based on blockchain addresses. Users can review the dividend situation for each address

By aggregating all the game data, on-chain hashes, and dividend data, any player can determine whether the platform genuinely distributes all profits to all shareholders. This transparency and traceability aim to foster trust and accountability within the platform.

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