Become a Shareholder

It is important to emphasize the commitment to profit sharing on the AK Poker platform:

  • After deducting Operation Costs and AK Token Buybacks & Burning, 100% of platform profits will be distributed.

  • The platform will maintain transparency by disclosing detailed information about both game results and revenue data.

For example:

Last week, AK Poker's total revenue was 1,000,000 USDT. 15% was allocated for operation costs (including servers, office equipment, and global staff salaries), 5% for AK Token buybacks in the secondary market for burning, and the remaining 80%, or 800,000 USDT, was distributed entirely to shareholders. Of this amount, 20% will be used to buy AK Token in the secondary market for dividend distribution. Therefore, each dividend distribution will comprise a combination of USDT and AK Token.

Users can unlock weekly profit sharing, revenue verification and all the game data through dashboard by joining AK Poker as a shareholder!

  1. How to become a shareholder?

To become a shareholder, users need to stake over 10,000 AK Tokens on either the Ethereum or Arbitrum One chains to activate shareholder status and mining machines to start earning dividends.

However, it is essential to maintain a stake of no less than 10,000 AK tokens; otherwise, your shareholder status and mining machines will be revoked. Shareholder status, mining machines, and dividend calculations are independent on each chain.

Our platform adheres to the principle of not accessing users's funds. Users' AK Tokens will not be stored on AK's centralized platform but will be staked in the on-chain contract, and they can be freely redeemed at any time. The staking contract is open source and audited by a third-party audit firm, and any user can review it. View on-chain contract >>

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  1. How to receive dividends?

As long as users maintain their shareholder status on the AK Poker platform, they are eligible to participate in the profit-sharing:

Dividend Scope

  • Since the official operation of the platform, AK Poker will distribute 100% of all profits.

  • Earnings come from item sales, cash game commissions, private game consumption, tournament prize pool revenue, etc.

  • Profits are calculated after deducting platform operating costs, and AK Token Buybacks.

Dividend Cycle

  • The dividend cycle is based on platform revenue. When revenue reaches 100,000 USD, dividends are calculated and distributed between 06:00 and 08:00 the next day. (i.e., the dividend funds will be deposited into the dividend pools on two chains). This cycle can be daily or take several days.

Dividend Format

  • The AK platform supports staking on both Ethereum and Arbitrum One, with dividends distributed separately on each chain. The platform will deploy dividend contracts on both 2 chains.

  • Earnings are allocated to the dividend pools on each chain based on the power ratio of mining machines. The contract automatically distributes dividends according to each user's mining power ratio. Users need to manually claim their dividends after distribution.


If the total dividend for this cycle is 10,000 USDT + 100,000 AK, and Ethereum has an 80% power ratio while Arbitrum One has 20%, the platform will allocate 8,000 USDT + 80,000 AK to the Ethereum dividend pool and 2,000 USDT + 20,000 AK to the Arbitrum One dividend pool. Each chain's contract will distribute dividends based on user power ratios.

Dividend Eligibility

  • To qualify for the profit, users must maintain their shareholder status and mining machines, ensuring their minimum staking amount remains above 10,000 AK tokens. Otherwise, dividend eligibility and mining machines will be ineffective.

If your staked tokens fall below 10,000 due to redemptions during the week, your power ratio will be paused. A higher power ratio increases your dividend distribution.

  1. Dividend Algorithm

Dividends are calculated and distributed by the on-chain contract based on the mining power’s share ratio. When funds are added to the dividend pool, payouts are made immediately.


If the Ethereum dividend pool has 10,000 USDT and 100,000 AK, and Address A holds 1% of the mining power, the contract will distribute 1,000 USDT and 10,000 AK to Address A.

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