About AK

The AK Poker team comprises dedicated Texas Hold'em enthusiasts with extensive experience in both online and offline No-Limit Hold'em poker tournaments. The team members come from tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Coinbase, and Binance, sharing a common passion for Texas Hold'em. Leveraging their professional backgrounds, they continually enhance their skills and exchange insights gained from competitive experiences.

This fusion of poker passion and tech expertise has given rise to AK Poker, a platform designed to address the absence of a reliable Web3 poker platform that prioritizes fairness and transparency. The team has made substantial investments in the premium domain ak.com, symbolizing the strength of potent starting hands in poker.

At AK Poker, the team is committed to providing a user-friendly and reliable online poker platform. Core modes, including Private Games, Cash Games, and Tournaments, ensure an unparalleled gaming experience. Catering to diverse user preferences, gameplay options include All-in or Fold, Pot-Limit Omaha, Blitz Poker, Mushroom, and Squid Games.

The deep Web3 integration introduces groundbreaking innovations to account systems, on-chain transactions and settlements, and verifiable random shuffling, thereby transforming the poker industry.

AK Tokens for All Investors

Empowering every user as a platform shareholder, AK Poker encourages active participation in governance, allowing them to shape the platform's development alongside the dedicated team. Through the distribution of AK Tokens via staking, users gain transparent profit-sharing, including proceeds from item sales, Cash Game commissions, Private Game consumption, and Tournament prize pools. In a dedicated commitment to transparency, the team openly shares core operational data, providing insights into platform profits and game counts with all shareholders.

AK Poker leverages blockchain technology to deliver a secure, fair, and transparent online poker experience. The platform introduces innovative measures towards achieving this goal.

Cheating Prevention

To maintain game integrity, we utilize a third-party random source for completely random shuffling. The card sequence is pre-hashed on the blockchain, providing a tamper-proof guarantee for gameplay. Users retain the autonomy to verify the fairness of the game by checking the card sequence, underscoring our commitment to transparency and trust.

Secure Encryption

Our platform employs asymmetric encryption to guarantee secure data transmission. This encryption method utilizes the server's public key, and only the client's private key can decrypt the information, ensuring absolute security throughout the process.

Open Transparency

Our official website offers access to essential operational data, covering bets, settlements, commissions, and dividends. This commitment to open transparency allows users to gain insight into the core functioning of our platform.

AK Poker—— A Truly Secure, Fair, and Transparent Texas Hold'em Poker Platform!

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